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Address: Guest Avenue, Emersons Green, Bristol, BS16 7GA

Headteacher: Mr Karl Hemmings


There is a school uniform. The wearing of uniform is strongly encouraged and supported by the Governors, staff and parents. Uniform emphasises a business like corporate image, which strengthens and unites the school. Many parents find it no more expensive than leisure clothing; often harder wearing and there are fewer ‘disputes’ on school days as to what the children will wear.

Small high-heeled fashion shoes are hazardous for children in the school environment, so please ensure that your child wears ‘sensible’ black fitted shoes in school. Low-heeled sandals are acceptable in the summer. Slogans and images, other than the school logo, on Tee shirts are not acceptable for school.

The official school uniform is as follows:

  • Jade sweatshirts with school logo (available from the school office)
  • White or Jade polo shirts (with logo are available from school office, without logo available from local retail stores)
  • Grey trousers, smart shorts or skirts
  • Black, low-heeled shoes
  • Green gingham or striped dresses (available from school office, or from local retail stores)

Initially Yours has now been taken over by Monkhouse Schoolwear. Their company link is

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Please ensure that all garments belonging to your child are clearly marked with his/her name. An indelible pen does this job well. Please ask at the office if property is lost. The school cannot be held responsible for lost items.

Games Kit

For Physical Education and Games your child should have a change of clothing.

  • Plain Jade Tee shirt or school PE Tee Shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Soft shoes such as daps, plimsolls or trainers
  • Tracksuits may be worn in cold weather
  • Dap bag for storing kit

We find the best idea for PE is for the children to bring their kit to school on a Monday and then take it home for a wash at the weekend or half-termly.

Protective Clothing

It is strongly recommended that the children have some sort of ‘protective ‘ clothing available for craftwork. Almost anything will do like an old shirt, which can be buttoned up at the back, and the sleeves rolled or cut off at the cuff or elbow. Aprons are provided for Food Activities and for general activities in reception and Key Stage 1. From time to time the children may be asked to bring in additional clothing appropriate to the task.


Jewellery constitutes a real danger to children in school. There are many reported instances of accidents involving jewellery especially when the children are running around. Children are allowed to wear a wristwatch, and if they have pierced ears, they may wear a single stud in each lobe. A medical alert necklace may be worn if appropriate, but this must remain tucked inside the child’s clothing.

Nail varnish is not allowed.


All children will be given a book bag that is big enough to carry a book and pencil case. PE kit can be kept in a dap bag (bags with the school logo are available from the school office). Dap bags can be hung on the child’s peg between washes. We have no storage space for large sports bags and rucksacks.

Please name all of your child’s possessions. The school can put you in touch with suppliers of nametags if you wish. Indelible markers often suffice. The school cannot accept responsibility for lost items.