Teaching Staff

Mr Karl Hemmings Head Teacher
Miss Mountford (Mon-Weds)
and Mrs Foley (Weds-Fri)
Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs Jefferies and Mrs Sandiford Reception Teacher – Red Class
Mrs Thorn Year 1 Teacher – Orange Class
Mr Matthew Poole Year 2 Teacher – (Yellow Class)
Miss Alicia Hazzard Year 3 Teacher – (Green Class)
Mrs Nicola Sheldrick and Mrs Tara Yapp Year 3 Teacher – (Green Class)
Miss Holly Chivers Year 4 Teacher – (Blue Class)
Mrs Pip Foley Year 4 Teacher (Blue Class)
Mrs Gemma Leech Year 5 Teacher (Indigo Class)
Miss Caroline Mountford Year 6 Teacher (Violet Class)
Mrs Jill Young Inclusion Leader
Ms Joanne Chambers Teacher – Resource Base
Mr Patrick Watson Teacher – Resource Base
Mrs Roxy Jefferies Reception Teacher – Maternity Leave

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Alison Rudge, Mrs Sue Pope, Mrs Vanessa Weaver, Mrs Angela Knight, Mrs Andrea Kear, Mrs Sam Cadwallader, Mrs Sarah Thatcher, Mrs Jayne Nicholls, Mrs Kate Davis, Miss Ria Appleton, Mrs Beverley Gillard, Miss Cara Jakes, Mrs S Ahmet, Mrs K Hallet, Mrs Jayne Britton, Mrs Louise Cullin

Resource Based Teaching Assistants

Ms Julie Palmer, Mrs Linda James, Mrs Vicky Cole, Mrs Eileen Everson, Mrs Louise Exton, Mrs Lesley Brindley, Mrs Louise Gilder, Mrs Jessica James, Mrs Lisa Jakes. Mrs Omie Flook, Miss Lily Webb, Miss Robyn Sayers, Mrs Claire Humphries, Mrs Teresa Croucher, Mrs Michelle Weeks

Care Assistants

Mrs Bridget Shepherd, Miss Paige Griffiths

Office Staff

School Secretary Mrs Sue Lockyer – 3 days
School Secretary Mrs Julia Dunn – 4 days
School Business Manager Mrs Nicola Richardson


Support staff

Caretaker Mr Richard Everson
Chess Tutor Mr Patrick Birch
Librarian Ms Jackie Woods
Lunch Break Supervisors Mrs Val Jakes, Mrs Sam Mutch, Mrs Sylvia Brake, Mrs Hannah Lovell, Miss Chloe Burden, Mrs Bridget Shepherd, Mrs Sharon Orchard, Mrs Mary Duncan, Miss Paige Griffiths, Mrs Nicola Morrish, Mrs Jackie Kirkham, Mrs Meryl Grimshaw, Mrs Sharon Nash, Mrs Kate Davies, Miss Louise Cullin, Mrs Lesley Trenerry, Mrs Marie Baker, Mrs Ruth Brown, Mrs Maureen Frankcom, Mrs Diane Knight, Miss Lynsey Spearing, Mrs Tracey Kearns, Mrs Kathryn Rendell, Mrs Ruth Brown, Mrs Michelle Drew
Kitchen Manager Mrs Julie Brizzell
Kitchen Assistant Mrs Gemma Foster


Other services and staff that support children at school

The School Nurse visits occasionally to check on the children’s general health; she also weighs and measures the children and tests their eyesight. The nurse also supports our Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) programme in school and gives advice on medical conditions such as asthma.

The Educational Psychologist is available to offer advice on children experiencing learning difficulties or behavioural problems in line with our Special Needs Policy. There is a set procedure and parents are consulted at all stages. The Service for SEN can advise and support teachers in helping children who have specific needs. Additionally the school benefits from the services of a number of external agencies including speech therapists, physiotherapists, etc.