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Address: Guest Avenue, Emersons Green, Bristol, BS16 7GA

Headteacher: Mr Karl Hemmings

School Council

Two children from each class are chosen to be the School Council class reps for the year. They attend meetings and feedback to their classes with any questions or discussion points.  The Council usually meet fortnightly to discuss issues that are important to the children. Over the last few years School Council have been responsible for all sorts of positive improvements for the school, including: new playground equipment for classes, suggesting ideas for Sports week, they were part of the interview process for the Deputy Head and Headteacher posts, they have been on a trip to the local Sainsburys to meet an author and they enjoyed a drawing and writing workshop, met with the Headteacher and Deputy head to make sure the pupil voice is heard. 

School Council children 2019 – 2020

Year 1 Orange Class          Max and Olivia

Year 2 Yellow Class          Penny and Isaac

Year 3 Green Class           Noel and Camille

Year 4 Blue Class            Annie and Charlie

Year 5 Indigo Class          Flynn and Lily

Year 6 Violet Stars          Matthew, Sahbina, Lenni 

Year 6 Violet Crescents       Megan and Arhat