Pupil Premium Strategy


The pupil premium is additional funding given to schools to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and to close the gap between them and their peers.

The categories of pupil who attract this funding are:

  • Pupils who are eligible for free school meals, or who have been eligible at some time in the past 6 years (FSM)
  • Pupils whose parents are in the armed services (Service)
  • Looked after children (LAC)
  • Children who have been adopted from care (Post LAC)

How do parents register their child’s entitlement for Pupil Premium funding?

It is important to notify the school if your child is eligible for Pupil Premium funding.  Please contact the School Business Manager, Nicola Richardson, to find out more about registering your child for the Pupil Premium funding. This information will be held confidentially by the school.


If you think you may be eligible for free school meals due to low family income or being in receipt of benefits, you must apply to South Gloucestershire Council. Please collect an application form from the school office or speak to a member of the office staff for more information.

Since September 2014, all pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are provided with a free school meal. However, you will need to apply for free school meals in order for the school to claim the pupil premium for your child.


Pupils with a parent currently servicing in the armed services and supporting their family, pupils who have a parent who died in action and pupils whose parents have left the service since April 2011 for other reasons, including injury are all eligible for the pupil premium. Parents should notify the school of their eligibility on the Confidential Contact Form (completed at the start of each academic year) by indicating that they are part of a forces family.


For pupils who have been adopted from care, you will need to inform the school about your child and provide supporting evidence (eg show the original Adoption Court Order) in order for the school to claim the pupil premium.

How is Pupil Premium spent? Our rationale:

At Emersons Green Primary School we believe all children deserve the very best education no matter what their background. We continuously monitor the progress of all our pupils to ensure that they are achieving their full potential. Our main strategy to support children in receipt of the Pupil Premium is through providing the highest standard of Quality First Teaching. We ensure that the funding is used to support all disadvantaged pupils, regardless of ability, to achieve the highest levels of attainment.

How is the impact measured?

The impact of Pupil Premium funding is measured in the following ways:

  • All vulnerable children (including FSM children) are closely monitored throughout the year via Pupil Progress Meetings. During these meetings all teachers meet with a member of the Senior Leadership Team and discuss any child considered potentially vulnerable or underachieving and agree strategies to close this achievement gap.
  • The Senior Leadership Team meet 3 times per year to specifically review the progress of all groups of pupils within the school.
  • The Senior Leadership Team provides data analysis reports to the Governing Body three times a year which include comparative data on the performance of FSM children against that of their peers.
  • There is a named Governor (from Sept 2016) who has a clear overview of how the pupil premium funding is allocated and the difference it is making to improve pupil outcomes
  • A written report on the impact of Pupil Premium funding is provided to the Governing body Annually.

How Much Pupil Premium Did We Receive in 2015-16?

Pupil Premium funding for 2015 -2016 was £1300 per Ever6 FSM pupil, £1900 for Looked after children and £300 for Service children. During 2015/16 Emersons Green Primary received £15320 of Pupil Premium funding.

The total amount was broken down as follows:

Pupils recorded as Ever 6 Free School Meals & Looked After Children – £11,720

Service Children – £3600

Pupil Premium Spending 2015/2016


What was the impact?

Alongside these specific initiatives, our main strategy to support children in receipt of the Pupil Premium is through providing the highest standard of Quality First Teaching. Many of these initiatives have also benefited children who are not eligible for the Pupil Premium.

Initiative Contribution from PP What was achieved Impact
Specific Intervention groups from Teaching Assistants £2696.48 Bespoke support for pupils:

–          Phonics/Spelling

–          Handwriting

–          Y6 Boosters

The vast majority of pupils have met their academic targets.
Music Therapy £1243.74 Pupils had the opportunity to develop confidence and improve their self-esteem. Pupils in the group showed improved confidence and demonstrated more positive self-esteem.  Communication skills improved and this translated into the classroom.
Booster Teacher to support Y6 £8576 Bespoke support for pupils in Year 6 to support and challenge PP pupil met the expected standard in all subjects.
Deputy Head 1:1 coaching/Pastoral Support £1175.52 1:1 coaching with pupils

Intervention Group Teaching

Pastoral Support

Each child has a personal point of contact.  DH has regular discussions with Teachers to ensure that PP children are being tracked, with any gaps being addressed or challenged further where appropriate.
After School Club Support £215.60 PP pupil able to access after school provision. PP pupils interaction, communication and social skills improved dramatically, resulting in the support not being needed by the end of the year.
Chatty Club £585.20 Chatty Club is run at lunchtime by an experienced TA and is aimed at those pupils who would most benefit from social, emotional and well-being support. The club has helped to improve friendship groups, self-esteem, confidence and social and emotional well being.
Bespoke Therapy Support (Therapy Space – Social Integration & Attachment) £520 Individual social, emotional and behavioural needs of children are met Specific needs of the children are being met proactively.
School Trips subsidies £500 The school has a contingency to help subsidise school trips in certain circumstances No PP child has missed a school visit due to financial reasons.


Total Spend: £15,503.54


Attainment Emersons Green Pupil Premium National GAP
EYFS GLD 100%  
Y1 Phonics 75% 80% -5%
Y2 SATS 20%   -60%
Y6 SATs Reading 100% 66% +34%
Y6 SATs Writing 100% 74% +26%
Y6 SATs Grammar 100% 72% +28%
Y6 SATs Maths 100% 70% +30%
Y6 SATs Combined RWM 100% 53% +47%


What are the plans for 2016/17?

We estimate Emersons will receive approximately £24,420 PP in 2016/17. We are planning to continue successful interventions such as Y6 Boosters, After School Support and individualised interventions. Another area that we will be looking at is the PP pupils who have started Key Stage 2 and looking to see how effectively we can break down barriers to learning and ensure accelerated learning.  Some of the barriers to educational achievement include lower attendance and more broken weeks than non-disadvantaged families. Therefore we will be looking in greater depth at how we can support these families to bring attendance in line with other children. We will continue to support the pupils pastorally as well as cater for their academic needs. This includes our higher attaining PP who will also be given opportunities to be challenged and deepen their understanding across all subjects. Interventions and provision will be continuously monitored to ensure they have maximum impact. As a school, we continue to strive to provide children with the highest standard of Quality First Teaching which benefits not only disadvantaged pupils but all pupils and will therefore continue to provide high quality CPD to all members of staff. This will also contribute to our whole school improvement and benefit all pupils including those who are not eligible for pupil premium funding and support our continuous drive to raise standards.

Date of next Pupil Premium Strategy review: September 2017