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Headteacher: Mr Karl Hemmings

Health and Welfare


Schools are discouraged from administering medicines to pupils, and children are not allowed to carry or administer their own medicine.  The only exception to this is in the case of inhalers, and parents must fill in a Health Care Plan so that the staff are aware of the child’s needs. We are able to administer medication to children who have long term illnesses and who would not be able to attend school otherwise.  In this case a Health Care Plan will be drawn up in consultation with the school nurse and the parents giving clear instructions on dosage and frequency of medication.  In these circumstances such medication must be stored safely and a record of administration kept. The school has a responsibility for your child’s health and safety.  It is important for your child and for us to know anything that might affect this while in school.


If a child has an accident during school time, a member of staff may administer first aid. It is common practice to notify parents by note or sticker at the end of the day if it is a minor accident.  However, it is school policy to inform parents at the time of more serious accidents or illness.  Often no action is required but if we are unable to contact you we will take any action we think necessary, such as taking the child to a doctor or hospital.  If you have any objections to this on religious grounds, you must inform the head teacher in writing.  It is important that an up to date contact slip is kept in the school office.  Please notify us straight away of any change of details such as address, telephone number and medical information.


Many children suffer from asthma.  We have an asthma policy and children can keep their inhaler safely on their person.  Clearly labelled inhalers may be kept in the school office, or in the classroom cupboard.  It is sensible to ask your doctor for two inhalers so that one can be kept in school at all times.  All children on long term medication will need a Health Care Plan.  If your child has asthma please ask for a copy of the asthma policy.

Services and staff that support children at school

The School Nurse visits occasionally to check on the children’s general health; she also weighs and measures the children and tests their eyesight. The nurse also supports our Personal Social Health

Education (PSHE) programme in school and gives advice on medical conditions such as asthma.

The Educational Psychologist is available to offer advice on children experiencing learning difficulties or behavioural problems in line with our Special Needs Policy. There is a set procedure and parents are consulted at all stages. The Service for SEN can advise and support teachers in helping children who have specific needs.