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Headteacher: Mr Karl Hemmings

Covid Updates & Remote Learning

National and local cases of Covid continue to rise.  In this context, our Risk Assessment and safety plan continue to be applied.  A great part of our time in school is spent monitoring this and ensuring this is done consistently. We remind pupils when we have to, but they have been brilliant at taking this on board and the bubble system works so well in our school that pupils are kept really separate and able to get on with their school life.  We are mindful of not upsetting children by constantly badgering them with Covid rules and we really appreciate all the hard work from staff and parents who ensure this runs smoothly.

Our safety systems do sometimes rely significantly on the support of parents and carers and we are really grateful for the time, effort and commitment shown by all to keeping everyone safe.

If in doubt, please do not send your child into class.  Instead, ring us or talk to us on the playground so we can decide the best course of action.  As soon as a child enters the classroom that bubble will then automatically have to self-isolate if the child tests positive.  Test results are now coming back really quickly and it is better to be safe than take the chance everyone will have to self-isolate or catch Covid.

Please remember, home (LFD) test kits cannot be used with Primary children.  LFD tests are provided to identify anyone of secondary school age or older who is asymptomatic Everyone (adults and children) who have symptoms (even if they have had a negative LFD) has to book a PCR test.   PCR tests always override LFD test results.

We are mindful that, as we approach the end of term, we do not want to have to be closing bubbles on the final days and for anyone to get ill with Covid or have to self-isolate into the summer holidays.  Many thanks for your help with this.

Mr Hemmings



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Other Information

Family Fund is a UK-wide charity providing grants for essential items to families on low incomes raising disabled or seriously ill children. The Department for Education has provided Family Fund with additional funding to support more families through the pandemic, and families are encouraged to apply for grants for items that can help their child including computers, sensory toys, clothes and family breaks.