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Address: Guest Avenue, Emersons Green, Bristol, BS16 7GA

Headteacher: Mr Karl Hemmings

Big Maths

Big Maths Information for Parents

Big Maths is a teaching programme we are beginning to implement at Emersons Green Primary School to help children to become numerate. Problem solving and word problems cannot be confidently attempted until children can manipulate and understand how numbers work.

 Big Maths lessons are fast, fun and furious. Children work on whiteboards and ‘flash’ answers to their teachers – the pace of the lesson is fast. We need to pass on the expectation to work at a quick pace and have maths facts instantly available, rather than slower methods, such as counting on fingers.

 The children are introduced to child-friendly terms such as ‘Switchers’ and ‘Learn Its’, rather than ‘commutative law’ and ‘number bonds’ to help them manipulate numbers and make them more confident and more successful.

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