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Address: Guest Avenue, Emersons Green, Bristol, BS16 7GA

Headteacher: Mr Karl Hemmings

Admissions and Transfers


Children whose parents live in South Gloucestershire may be admitted to school at the beginning of the academic year provided they have reached 4 years of age on or before 31 August so that they can benefit from a full three-year infant education.

The admission of Reception children is phased for the first five weeks of the Term 1 in order to help them settle into school life successfully.

The Local Education Service deals with admission to the Reception class although the school facilitates this process.  Further details can be found online at or in the booklet “Information for Parents – Admission to Schools in South Gloucestershire.”

Information relating to school transfer at eleven years of age is detailed in a booklet published by the Local Education Service every September.  Copies are issued to the parents of all children at the beginning of the last year in this school and are also available from the Director of Education.

For other Year Groups

Forms are available from the school office or from South Gloucestershire Council Admissions and Transport Unit – 01454 868008. These forms need to be returned to the Council (details are on the form). South Gloucestershire Admissions and Transport unit are usually able to tell parents if there is a place available within 1/2 days. If you are moving into the area, they require written evidence of the move, e.g. proof of exchange of contract, a letting agreement, or a letter from an employer confirming details of the move.

Pre-school to Infant and Junior to Secondary Transfer

We are developing good relationships with the local nurseries, pre-school groups and feeder secondary schools. At the time of transfer, arrangements will be made for the younger children to visit us and the Year 6 pupils to visit their chosen secondary school. Further details are sent at the appropriate time.